WM Logistics

Warehouse Management and Logistics – We Optimize the flow of merchandise

If you want to be a key part of the global supply chain, you need to continue optimization of your Warehouse and Shipment complex activities. We created IMEXNet Logistics to improve your capabilities and maintain your business as a competitive partner.

Efficiency in shipping and receiving of merchandise, control inventory and fast picking are parts of our solution.
Our system can adapt to your requirements to extend your value in the supply chain.


Integration – We can integrate information from Advanced Shipping Notifications for Plan Receiving and Shipping Orders.
Merchandise Tracking – Receiving a notification to delivery in one screen.
Inventory – You can get control for your customers from Stock Products or by Received Shipment.
Online Picklist – Your customer can access our portal to generate a picklist.
Form Generation – We generate Bill of Lading, Receiving and Shipping Forms.

We know that a logistics service is your competitive differentiation. That is why IMEXNet Logistics was developed, thinking about all sizes of operations. We guarantee to improve your customer satisfaction levels, optimizing your logistic processes.

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