US Imports

We are really proud of our US Import Module.

With this module we try to generate a revolution on Import Compliance, creating the easiest and fastest entry generator.

IMEXNet Broker Compliance has been developed based on the best business practices required by U.S. Customs Brokers to help importers and exporters meet U.S. government requirements.

Our solutions help you during all import processes of the analysis of the importer and the goods until obtaining the entry clearance liquidation. We have tools that facilitate the generation of entry documents, based on profiles by User, Customer, Importer, Provider, Product, etc, which automates, accelerates and eliminates entry errors of information.

Our software can be integrated with any electronic data format generating an automated fast and trusted process to obtain required information for cargo release requests and Entry 7501 forms, reducing your labor time and costs. We provide our ABI solutions, like Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), avoiding high initial costs and hardware investments; you only pay for what you use.

Our ABI service center reduces your costs required to operate flawlessly with CBP.


  • Flexible installations based on your requirements.
  • Any electronic data format integration that avoids duplicate data entry.
  • Easy Commodity and Importer Analysis.
  • Rapid generation of shipments based on profiles and templates.
  • Flexible Entry-board; in one screen you can check all your entries statuses.
  • Instant CBP notifications.
  • One single click update; updated validations and new CATAIR changes are updated directly to the system.
  • Multiple information Export formats (PDF, Excel, Word, HTML,etc.)
  • Automated e-mail Release notifications.
  • Integrated with Accounting Module.
  • Fast History Entry Log, view status of Entry transmissions for fast corrections.
  • Accurate control of your daily and monthly statements.

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