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Our application IMEXConnector allows you to view Entry Shipments that were processed with the customs broker and obtain digital documents crossing as Inward Manifest (CBP-7533) and CBP-3461. It also has the option of sending invoice files to load on a system.

To install, access the following Internet address is required.


Step 1. Access to IMEXConnector

After installation the program creates an icon in which you must double-click to set Configuration.

Step 2. Setup connection (Settings screen)

From the main menu you have to go to the Settings option.

Enter the following information and click on “Save Config”.


Customer Key (Password): Key assigned by US Broker

Connection Service Address:  Web address of US Broker WebService

Days on Report: Set to a maximum of 7 days, to see the history of shipments.

Manual Upload: Enable the option to upload XLS bills.

Step 3. Get Entries Status

With this option you will be able to see the entries made. Clicking on the name of the column you can sort it by that column specific. The column position, if in “NT” indicates No This Transmitted, if yellow (“RA”) this indicates that already was accepted transmission and if it is green “ER” indicates when the input is already released. It also has the Release Date column for searching and Equipment Truck Crossing and date.

Step 4. Upload file manually (invoices in Excel)

The option “Upload Invoice” is selected, and the XLS file is attached to process. The system will display a new entry if the process was successful. If there was a problem with the file or configuration, it will show an error notification.

Step 5. Get Documents

By right clicking on an entry row, you can access your documents, such as the Manifest, CBP Form 3461 and CBP Form 7501.

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