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IMEXNet: Tariff Query (Harmonized Tariff Schedule)

IMEXNet: Tariff Query (Harmonized Tariff Schedule)

After logging on to the system, click on the “US Customs Clearance” module and select the “HTS” option under that module.

The “HTS” window should be open. You will go to the navigator at the top of the screen and under the “HTS Navigation” group press the “Transmit” button as shown below.

This should then open up the “HTS Transmission” window. The “Effective Date” will be automatically generated to current date, and in the “Tariff” textbox enter the Tariff Number, and press the “Transmit” button.

(For this example we will be using the Tariff No. “3301130000”)

The next step is to go back to the main menu and press on the “Transmission Log” option, which will open up the new window shown below. Once here choose the HTS that you transmitted in the step prior and then press the “Option” button in the “Print and Export” group on the top menu strip.

(In order to identify which Trans. Id will be the one we will be working with, make sure to pay attention to the memo box at the bottom of the screen the “HTS: ##############” should be the number you transmitted. In our examples case it was 3301130000)

This will open up the window shown below. Here in the menu strip press on the “Export” button and choose “Export To”. This will open up a drop down menu where you will choose “PDF File”.

This will open the “PDF Export Options” window as shown below. Here leave all the settings to their default and press “Ok”.

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