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IMEXNet 2015 Installation

IMEXNet Installer

To download the installer for the program please visit the site

This will download the installer into the download folder. Select the program icon, as demonstrated below, and double click.

*Some computer may ask you to install Microsoft.NET Framework 4 (x86 and x64) and Windows Installer 3.1

When you finish running the installer, the icon below should appear on your desktop.

Double click the icon. After the program is finished loading, a window should appear. Press “OK” to continue.

A window should then open, please enter “Update” inside the text box and then press the “Set Password” button to continue.

The Database Configuration popup box should open up, and you enter the following information:

Host Server:

Database: imexnet

User: sa

Password: USER_RB2013

Once all the information is entered, please press the “Test” button in order to check the information. If there are no errors where given, press the “Update” button located on the bottom left of the Database Configuration window.

The Set Password window should appear. Enter “USER_RB2013” and then press the “Set Password” button, which should open up another window, and you press the “OK” button.

When the window closes, press the “Save” button in the Database Configuration window in order to save the changes.

The program should close. Press on the program’s icon. After the program finishes loading, the Login window should appear, where you enter your Login and Password.

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